Crisis Actors
Sandy Hookers

Gene Rosen the actor

Gene Rosen was involved in community theatre and television production. Also the cable company confirmed his involvement with them by thanking him on their public affairs website.  Rosen admitted on a post at "videomartyr" blog in 2011 that he made a demo tape at the studio of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.
Robbie Parker and Emilie

Robbie looks just like actor John Matthew Walker

Jill Cottle Garrett Jill Cottle Garrett - Emilie's Aunt
"Emilie was an example to her two older sisters."
Emilie was supposedly the oldest sister.
David & Francine Wheeler
actor and actress
Nick Phelps Nick Phelps played a copy on the TV show Spin City, with Michael J. Fox.
Nick Phelps plays Security Guard in "Snowbound" (credits)


Appears father Peter Lanza does not exist  RSJ
never intends to speak about Adam on camera.

nor does Adam Lanza (the accused)
No photos before 2009  (Redsilverj)


Grace McDonnell
Avielle Richman

Kaitlin Roig Sandy Hook teacher is actress Rebekah Fernandez
Allison Wyatt  
Adam Lanza  
Carly Posey Carly Posey DCSO Parent - reading a script
Lt. Vance Vance said Adam died in hallway
but final report said he shot himself in first grade classroom

Noah Pozner obtained copyright on a photo that is not even his son.  It is a boy in Pakistan.
Dr. Wayne Carver
Strange actions when speaking to pre
Said all shots were from a long gun (but rifle was in Adam's car trunk, and no rifies were found in the school near his body)
He was evidently paid well and bought a BMW sports car



* Charlotte Bacon, 6
* Daniel Barden, 7
* Olivia Engel, 6
* Josephine Gay, 7
* Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 6
* Dylan Hockley, 6
* Madeleine F. Hsu, 6
* Catherine V. Hubbard, 6
* Chase Kowalski, 7
* Jesse Lewis, 6
* James Mattioli, 6
* Grace McDonnell, 7
* Emilie Parker, 6
* Jack Pinto, 6
* Noah Pozner, 6
* Caroline Previdi, 6
* Jessica Rekos, 6
* Aveille Richman, 6
* Benjamin Wheeler, 6
* Allison N. Wyatt, 6


* Dawn Hochsprung, 47
* Rachel Davino, 29
* Anne Marie Murphy, 52
* Lauren Rousseau, 30
* Mary Sherlach, 56
* Victoria Soto, 27