Wolf Report
Questioning Sandy Hoax
(not to be confused with CNN's Wolf Blitzer Report)
Spring 2021

Why would you do this to a child?
Look at her head too big.
Look at her left fingers that is just impossible. Thumb is way too long and only four fingers.

If that is the same Leonard Pozner in both pictures then I need to enroll myself in Long Term Mental Healthy facility immediately.

How can Leonard Pozner have different ears?
Funeral ear is bend.
People magazine ear is bend.
But when he is at Jim Fetzer deposition his ear is perfectly straight. How is that even possible?

Where all of the Ambulances? CT State Police vehicles staging before the first shot is ever fired. Fraud?

Lying scum bag Catholic monsignor Weise in a video.
Why would a catholic priest lie?
What he is saying is impossible as you can see.
He cannot reach through the shot out glass because as you can see it is impossible.

I will have Leonard Pozner on the stand in my criminal trial so will get these answered.

Former Police Officer Wolfgang Halbig is using his detective skills to investigate.  His latest discoveries and FOIA requests will be discussed.  He asks: "Why did they never allow the paramedics into the school?" 

He also finds evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed months before the massacre.