Noah Only Dies Twice (in Pakistan and Sandy Hook)
Secret Actor - photo-shopped - not a real victim

Many so-called "parents" were actors, who had acted in low budget movies.

All the families and "witnesses" are silent
But no one is coming forward to speak that it happened the way the government says.

Obama has the most mass shootings of any President

Tweets too early

Should be 469 students but we see only 20
No police dash cam video confirms there were more than a few kids
No bullets were tracable to Bushmaster.  Glass was shot by a shot gun.
no autopsy reports released
No helicopters - even though they are included in all training drills
No paramedics were allowed in the school
No children were transported by ambulances
All children were declared dead, but not paramedics allowed to try to save them

Community members refuse to talk

Chris and Lynn McDowell lady daughter Grace Anderson Cooper

Death certificates (public documents), crime scene photos, and 911 tapes are classified

School flooded
Had asbestos

28 degrees, cold, frost on ground on that day, but photos of kids are on a sunny day - company that does role plays

CNN photographed SWAT team at wrong school

9:40 Nute reported 2 shadows running by the gym - chasing people in the woods
  but chase did not happen until afternoon

Triage was not used.  Different color sheets were laid down.

No interviews with anyone wounded.

Lifetime gag orders for demolition crew, so they could not report no bullet holes

Neighbors were intimidated and bribed to be quiet.

Wolfgage Halbig was given the scripts by 2 Connecticut State Troopers who came forward.

Connecticut Law is that only a M.D. doctor can declare anyone dead.

No immediate transport to hospital asap.  Triage did not happen.

Capstone Drill - everyone involved. 

Insert motion videos on YTube

The only Christmas decoration 10 days before the holiday.
Take photos of schools in town on Dec 14 to compare.

Are there any "victim" families still living in Sandy Hook?

Include verse about:
the lanyards
Board's refusal to release work order to repair mold
How did the port-a-potties get there so fast, if it was not a drill?
How many students at the school?  Only about 15 are seen evacuating

Ask Dr. Fetzer questions, and for ideas plus fact-checking

What about the law suit by most of the families of the children against Nancy Lanza's estate?

All houses of families paid off on Christmas day, no recorders work that day.

HQ of Church of Satan is in Newtown

Author of Hunger Games lives there

On Yogananda Street, donation from special programs, across from Lanza house
George Frind in Canada

Why would daughter be at hair salon during shooting and not go to the school?
Cherie Edwards, voice of Judy

A lady who does contract work, could not find out who did clean up, what blood?
There are 3 state agencies who could not name who got the contract for OSHA rules
which every operational school would have.

Adam allegedly wore gloves.  Not one place has fingerprints in any police reports


To Do List

More good points to include in as verses in the next version of the song.

  Official Adam photo
Of him with dad Peter
Shows that he had 6 fingers

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why
Lenny Pozner's coming to town
Post Noah photo
Len tries to ban you
Protecting who "died"
Not one time but two.
Sandy Hoax is conning Newtown.