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Dr. Jim Fetzer Discusses Sandy Hook

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Blaming Gunmaker Remington for Sandy Hoax Massacre

Thanks to the rise of Collective Consciousness, helped by the group meditation in the Fairfield community, the truth is coming out about many historical and current events.

Critical thinking and logical reasoning ability, along with open-mindedness, are important qualities for citizens to demand and receive accurate reporting in a democratic society.

This month we are honored to welcome Dr. James Fetzer, a retired professor who devotes his time to writing and speaking out about important issues. We hope you can attend and look forward to your questions and comments.

Here is a song that summarizes the evidence:
Thanks to VK of Russia for freedom of speech, ironically

Crisis actors

Crime Scene Photos

Families new to town
No birth records
No death certificates

Other photo, boy in front
How parents got there?
This is December?

It does not take Sherlock Holmes to see that the Case of Sandy Hook Elementary School was an "elementary" hoax - and a crime.

Sandy Hook - an Elementary Investigation 
Good news:  No one really died.  Families became millionaires.
Bad news: Government was trying to fool the citizens again

Sunday December 13, 2015 7:30 pm - Fairfield Library
No means. No motive. No opportunity. Suppression of evidence. No videos. No bodies. No witnesses. 
Bring your open mind, critical thinking and questions.

Dr. James Fetzer (B.A., Princeton magna cum laude; Ph.D., Indiana; Professor Emeritus (retired) at Minnesota Duluth and US Marine Corps Captain), the author or editor of many books, including 426 page NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (PDF), will speak via teleconference. Here you will learn why.

Dr. Fetzer will discuss the latest evidence that the Friday 14 December 2012 "shooting" at Sandy Hook Elementary School was actually the second day of a FEMA drill at an abandoned, moldy, asbestos filled school, closed since 2008, in wealthy Newtown, Connecticut, where no children or adults died, to enable Obama to sign gun-control orders.

Twelve contributors, including six Ph.D. (current or retired) professors, provide abundant evidence that no one was killed that day. Their deaths were contrived. Government agencies have the ability to create identities, and to seal records at will.  The "survivors" of the victims have received over $1 million per family. Newtown received $50 million although the school reconstruction is estimated at $7 million.    That's just the money we hear about.

The official FBI.Gov Crime Statistics web site, with Fidelity Bravery & Integrity, reports that there were zero, not 26, murders in Newtown in 2012.

Former Police Officer Wolfgang Halbig is using his detective skills to investigate.  His latest discoveries and FOIA requests will be discussed.  He asks: "Why did they never allow the paramedics into the school?"

Above: Robbie Parker, who claims to be the father of a girl who was shot, is laughing and smiling until he sees the CNN camera is on him, then he immediately starts crying, then announcing his donation web site.   The Columbine families did not receive such donations, even though over 20 kids were in the hospital, but only a few from Sandy Hook.

Robbie's bad acting, Gene Rosen's worse acting, and Jill Garrett's forgetting her lines, were some of many suspicious aspects of the incident that shocked America.  We need an independent investigation.

If the shooting really occurred, and many people like Dr. Fetzer are saying it was a hoax for years, why aren't any of the "victim families" willing to sue for slander and show evidence in court?

Mike Powers, a professional investigator and weapons expert, lists the bizarre inconsistencies in the official story.

Open debate, questions and answers. Free refreshments.   Top 10 Reasons  33 more reasons and more

Robbie Parker

happy before

then crying when he sees the camera

Old, moldy school
with asbestos

School web site

Google Earth clues

Dr. Fetzer speaks to Truth Seekers about his book
Nobody Died At Sandy Hook (pdf  8 mb. 427 pages)

"The Real Deal special must see Sandy Hook Update"

"Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers #1: Was it an operating school?"

"SANDY HOOK starring Wayne Carver as The Medical Examiner"

"Proof 'Project Censored' and are limited hangouts"

Here is a song that summarizes the evidence.

Satyam eva jayate - Truth alone triumphs

A Tweet of Truth from Trump
can get an independent investigation and
Make America Great Again

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Top 10 Reasons for Skepticism about Sandy Hook

1. Certificates of birth and death have not been released
2. Emergency protocols were not followed
3. FEMA training drill protocols were followed instead
4. There was fore-knowledge of the event
5. There were contradictory reports about the weapons
6. Adam Lanza could not have done the shooting
7. Key participants displayed suspicious behavior
8. Photos at scene and of victims look staged or fake
9. The crime scene (school) was quickly and completely destroyed
10. FBI Crime Statistics for 2012 show zero murders for Newtown

Wolfgang Halbig

Former Police Officer Wolfgang Halbig is using his detective skills to investigate.  His latest discoveries and FOIA requests will be discussed.  He asks: "Why did they never allow the paramedics into the school?" 

He also finds evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed months before the massacre.

50 Questions for the FBI

1. Why were there NO medical trauma helicopters ever called to the crime scene?

2. What is the name of the Doctor who declared all of the victims dead in the first eleven minutes counting from the first 911 dispatch at 09:35?

3. Why is the FBI report of the school shooting classified?

4. Why were NO figure prints taken from the school or the Lanza house by police.

5. Why is the school demolition crew under gag order to not speak of what they observed or did not observe upon removing the school buildings?

6. Where is the communications log for the police helicopter for 12-14-12?

7. Why did the medical examiner bar the parents from seeing their dead children?

8. Why are there no gun shots noise in the background of the 911 calls?

9. Why were NO medical technicians allowed inside of the school?

10. Why were the ambulances staged at the fire house a quarter mile from the school?

11. why are there portable toilets in place on the school parking lot?

12. Why are stacks of bottled water visible on the school parking lot?

13. Why does the FBI show NO homicides for Newtown Connecticut for 2012?

14. Why are there only teenagers and adults wandering around in a circle at the fire house?

15. Why are there NO students visible evacuating the school?

16. Why does the official Connecticut report (Part 1, book 8, #71) say Adam Lanza was shot by police and the media reports say he shot himself?

17. Why did it take four hours to find school nurse Sally Cox hiding in her office?

18. Why did Newtown Police park down the driveway instead of going to the front door of the school?

19. Why does the official 911 dispatch log show only a call for an unwanted person at the school?

20. Why is there NO entry of shots fired in the Newtown Police 911 log, or in any incident reports?

21. Why was the Lanza house demolished and removed?

22. What is the name of the bio-hazard crime scene clean-up company?

23. What are the start time and date for the crime scene bio hazard clean-up?

24. What are the names of the 26 children and the music teacher who performed at the Super Bowl in January 2013?

25. Where are even one of these kids now?

26. Why did the NFL issue a gag order forbidding the children from ever speaking of their Super Bowl singing engagement?

27. Why did the Newtown Connecticut school board NOT recognize their own students for their Super Bowl excellence?

28. Where are the parental consent waivers for the field trip to the Super Bowl?

29. Where is the billing data for the student's transportation to the New Orleans Super Bowl and back to Newtown.

30. Where is the line item expense for the Newtown Student's trip to the 2013 Super Bowl?

31. Who paid the expense for the Newtown Student's trip to the 2013 Super Bowl?

32. Why does TV news man Pete Williams say "A couple of officials said that on the 13th of December Adam Lanza had been in an altercation with Sandy Hook school staff"? Who are the officials?

33. Why does Lt Vance say this information about Lanza is false?

34. Why does CNN TV show footage of police at St. Rose of Lima school declaring it to be Sandy Hook school?

35. Why was Attorney General Eric Holder in Connecticut, with Governor Dan Malloy, on November 27, 2012 just before the Sandy Hook shooting, announcing Project Longevity, an initiative that provides new federal grant money to prevent gun violence?

36. Why did Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice give more money to the Newtown police when they were already getting paid to do their job under Holder's plan?

37. Why, as of July 12, 2013, was $281,000 passed out to the "victims" families?

38. Why is this affluent community still soliciting constant donations from the public?

39. Why does this affluent community need all of this money? (

40. Why did Lt. Vance state that the gunman was found in the hallway but the official Connecticut State report states that Adam Lanza was found in room 10? (Part 1, book 8, #71)

41. Why does the media not correct their errors?

42. Who ordered and paid for the "Everyone must check in" sign?

43. Was Gene Rosen's bus driver a man or a woman? Which report is correct?

44. Why does the Wikipedia site( fail to mention the only FOIA inquiries by recognized school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig?

45. Why did delist Jim Fetzer's popular book "Nobody died at Sandy Hook"?

46. Why is parent David Wheeler seen racing around the school in a surplus Army uniform sometimes with one or two assault rifles and then with none? Why is he even there in a uniform?

47. Why are David and Francine Wheeler seen boarding Air Force one as lobbyist's for gun control and mental health testing?

48. Why has a misdemeanor phone harassment case against SH researcher Jonathan Reich been postponed 19 times with the State failing to provide evidence or discovery? Why a $50,000 bail? (

50. Why did Kaitlin Roig tell ABC's Dianne Sawyer and others that she put 15 students and herself into a 3'X4' restroom then lock the door that opens in? Why does she admit that her class door key was in her desk?

51. Where are all of the legitimate police officers, school administrators, lawyers, parents and other citizens that should know better?

More links

Crisis Actors found to be in fact actors, with many inconsistencies in their testimonies.

and more  including
11. 5 of the 26 children who sang at the Super Bowl resemble the victims (not in Top 10)

CT Lady: "Sandy Hook was fake."   Dr. James Fetzer, PhD by Wolfgang Halbig, former State Trooper

Sandy Hook school was closed since 2008
There was a FEMA "crisis training drill" on the same day.
People wearing ID badges, pizza and drinks for participants
Port-a-potties already on site, ready for crisis training actors
walking around in circles making crowd look larger.
Few ambulances.  No medical helicopters.  No security videos.
Staged line of a few children.  No Christmas ornaments.
"Hero" actor Gene Rosen changes his story several times.
Claims he was "at home" and parents came to pick up kids,
then says he took kids to Fire House, where he was videoed.
Mass payoff of the home owners near Sandy Hook school
All the families were new to town in Newtown.
Assessor site shows many houses bought on 12/25/2009  then click Search and Map

Suspicious refusal to release basic info, such as school repair work orders.
All closed casket funerals, except 1 with only eyes closed visible.
Few (if any) tears
Neighbors did not recall seeing the boy Adam Lanza
No autopsies released. No death certificates. No biohazard cleanup.
Tweets and Facebook pages time stamped before the incident.
Each family received over $1 million in donations. Fund raisers continue.
Attempts to shut down debate and discussion.

* The school was old, moldy (not acceptable in a well to do community) and closed since 2008.
* Crisis actors are wearing identification badges (where would parents get such a thing and why?)
* Officials refuse to release a list of the 20 children, or any evidence they existed before 2012.
* The school was torn down, and independent investigators were not allowed to inspect it.
* No photo of a lot of kids was seen in any police camera videos
* The iconic photo of 20 kids being escorted lead by a girl has another, lead by a boy. Staged.
* Web sites and Facebook pages were set up on 12/13/2012, the day before the incident.
* No security camera photos or videos during the incident, even though schools had them.
* Google aerial views from prior years show no cars in the parking lot during school days.
* Death certificates (public documents), crime scene photos, and 911 tapes are classified
* A major witnesses, Gene Rosen, an actor (not a good one), changes his story many times.
Plus he was not at his home protecting children. He is seen in the aerial photo at the school.
* FEMA crisis training manual for an event on the day before (12/13/2012) has been discovered.
* Donation pages were set up in advance of the alleged shooting, and ready too quickly.

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School web site suspicious cools  fake 15 kids

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Wolfgang Halbig - Nov 28, 2015 obtains copyright under false pretenses

Then it was banned (for no reason) from
and YouTube

Now it is at Russia's



Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax?

Dr. James Fetzer, PhD and Professor Emeritus
from U. of Minnesota, the author of the book
"No One Died At Sandy Hook", will speak with
us via the internet about the latest evidence that
the December 2012 shooting incident, 3 years
ago, at an old moldy school, closed since 2008,
in wealthy Newtown, Connecticut, was actually
a planned FEMA training drill, with crisis actors,
to enable Obama's gun control executive orders.

Fairfield Public Library
Sun., Dec. 13, 2015 7:30 - 9:30 pm

Actress  fake 15 kids  What Really Happened at Sandy Hook
No START procedures at the MCI

Susan Shortt - contradictory testimony

Sandy Hook hoax inconsistencies about "lone survivor"

Former CT Cop discusses Red Flags about Sandy Hook story.

Hosted in Russia - where Americans have to go for freedom of speech